Every Minecraft youtuber ever


*Dubstep intro, animated pickaxes fly across the screen*
"Hey guys this is MinecraftGuy49Xx and this is episode 452 of Minecraft Hunger Games. Let’s get started! Ok so I got a wooden swo-OHMYGODTHERESAGUYWOAAAAAAHHHHHAHHHHH- Ok I killed him. So this is my spade named spady, he’s the one running joke so I have so you can tell me apart from the millions of other Minecraft LP-ers. Oh look I died, like and subscribe.”

Gamers Are Not Dead, They Just Leveled Up




Some of you reading this may have read editorials and reviews by me on sites I’ve written for. My name is Ashton Liu, and I am a contributing editor for RPGFan. This post is not endorsed or approved by RPGFan. By writing this, I have effectively “gone rogue.” I am attaching my name as a sign of solidarity for my fellow gamers, and as a statement that what is happening needs to stop. My colleagues at RPGFan have nothing to do with this, they are excellent journalists and writers who have a passion for gaming and writing about gaming that is unequaled by anyone else in the industry. Yes, you can quote me on that.

But that’s not what I’m here to write about. Today I come to you from a position of humility. Some may recall that I have previously made scathing remarks about fans of the RPG genre, as well as admonishing those whose complaints regarding Jennifer Hepler veered into harassment. I still stand by those editorials, as they reflected the behavior of the gaming community at those respective points in time. Today, however, I am here not to vilify or condemn you, but rather to add my voice to yours, in a situation where the shaming and bullying of one side towards the other has become out of control.

I am, of course, referring to GamerGate.

It has been no secret to the gaming community that many video game news sites have been employing increasingly extremist and reprehensible tactics to gain site hits and forward their ideology. I have long tolerated these tactics, erasing and moving back lines in the sand against my better judgement because I believe that at the heart of these tactics were genuinely good intentions dedicated towards progressiveness and inclusiveness within the gaming community. I have recently been disabused of that notion.

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